01. What is BookSellBuy.com

BookSellBuy.com is platform of College Students, School students, Parents, Teachers, Publication Hubs and Booksellers.On BookSellBuy.com Students sell Used Books to Juniors & Buy Used Book from Seniors, also Students can negotiates using our chat on web, also student can put request for Requirements on Chat with our customer care. BookSellBuy.com is problem solving platform for college students for patents while they wait in Queue for issuing their kids book from schools, also help students who are unable to buy new books & and unable to quality Study material.

02. What are Regular ADs

Regular ADs are free ads posted by users. these ads can be seen on category pages and other regular places on website.

03. What Are Featured ADS

Featured Ads Are special listings or paid ADs. featured ads comes with feature of highligts. featured ADs get high response Due to cause of there special visibility on website.

04. How To Get More Audience

In order to get more audience, you can make your ADs featured.

05. What Are The Advantages Of Featured ADs

For the publishing period , a featured ad is showed first and always before a regular ad appears in the same category. We offer 3 type of featured ADs plans, you can choose the one which suits you best.



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